Motor Carrier Number : MC Number lookup

MC number is a unique identifier assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is use for identify trucking companies covered of interstate commerce. Not Like US DOT numbers (<< Click for mor information).


MC Number Lookup

MC Number Lookup

How MC Number Lookup and use it?

If you want to become the operator of a motor carrier in the US, you need to obtain your MC number.

Being a motor carrier all over the country gives you a lot of opportunities to do business by transporting freight. When you go through this procedure, you don’t only acquire your MC number but also your USDOT number.

After all the forms are filed, your authority officially becomes active approximately 3 weeks afterwards. By then, you are in business.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your business in your state. It could be a LLC or a small corporation, it doesn’t really matter.
  2. Get your MC and DOT numbers. On the MC Number Lookup, fill out the application form for your MC and DOT numbers. Fill them correctly because your application will be denied if there is even just one mistake in the data you provide in the form.
  3. File the BOC-3. This is another form that is required to be filled out. A third party does this for you. If this agent also facilitated the processing of your MC and USDOT numbers and you paid this agent for this service, the BOC-3 should also be included.
  4. File the UCR. This means the Unified Carrier Registration. It will be determined how much to charge you based on the number of trucks in your fleet. This is renewed every year.
  5. Get insurance. The last step in the process is to acquire your insurance. The amount you pay and the type of insurance you get depends on the kind of motor carrier authority you are trying to apply for. Expectedly, a cargo insurance valued at $750,000 and a liability insurance valued at $100,000 are in the works.

When your insurance agent files with the FMCSA proof of your acquisition of insurance and all the previous steps are consummated, this is the time you wait.

Within 2 to 3 weeks, the DOT will send you a letter confirming that your motor authority is active and that your MC number and your USDOT number can be used to transport freight all across the country.

The acquisition of your MC number, together with your USDOT number enables you to be in business. You can work on your trucks’ travel schedules and choose your loads and runs. You can be able to transport consistent loads at top rates because your documents are in order.

Just make sure your drivers are enrolled in the mandatory Drug and Alcohol testing program and they are properly screened, examined and tested before they begin driving for you.

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